Rosie at Seabreeze

Rosemarie Gutierrez, a Rochester, NY Realtor, enjoys a bit of summertime fun on the Carousel at Seabreeze Amusement Park.  


Jibaro Lifestyle: Puerto Rico's New Generation of Eco-Farmers

Puerto Rico’s Eco-Farmers Go Back To The Land

"A new generation of eco-farmers in Puerto Rico are working to bring pride back to the jíbaro lifestyle. Young people all over Puerto Rico are heading back to the land and starting organic farms up in the mountains, growing everything from coffee to kale." 


Puerto Rico's Projected 2100 Population Minus 1 Million to 2.8 Million

According to UN data, Puerto Rico's population will fall to 2.8 million by 2010. That's a loss of 1 million people from its high of 3.8 million in 2000. The island's population slide is also in sharp contrast to predicted increases in US, hemispheric and global totals.

Population Pyramids of the World 1950-2100


Melissa Mark Viverito: NYC's Next City Council President

Melissa Mark Viverito is on the verge of becoming New York City's next Council President. She has the backing of mayor-elect Bill DeBlasio, SEIU and 30 or so of her peers on the City Council. If victorious in the January 8th election, Mark Viverito -- who's Puerto Rican -- becomes the first person of Latino heritage to hold the powerful post.

As City Council President, Mark Viverito would be on a trajectory to higher office. NYC's 1st woman mayor? 


Rhode Island's Tavares and Elorza

Followers of US Latino electoral politics should watch Rhode Island! 

A year from now its leading political executives could be Latino: Angel Tavares, 43 year old mayor of Providence, is running to become the state's next governor; and law professor and former housing judge, Jorge Elorza, 36, is seeking to follow Tavares to the Providence mayoralty. 

Harvard Law School graduates -- Tavares is of Dominican and Elorza of Guatemalan heritage. The state's small size, changing demographics -- along w/the Ivy League launch pad available to a select few -- are combining to fast-track the Rhode Island Latino political ascent.

Jorge Elorza (Credit: Brown Daily Herald)


El Grupo Ecos Borincanos: Keeping Jibaro Music Alive!

El Grupo Ecos Borincanos played at this past weekend's Puerto Rican Festival in Rochester, NY; next, Market Street Park, Auburn New York, 6 pm!

Here's a clip of their rendition of Preciosa.


Zainnia Vegas and Her Lakota Grandmother Blackwolfe

Photo: Me and my Grandma Blackwolfe!  <3 this woman to the end of the world and back!  A TRUE Lakota warrior woman!
Zainnia Vegas (left) is with beloved Lakota grandmother Blackwolfe on the prairie in South Dakota. Born to Irish/Blackfoot and Puerto Rican parents, Zainnia traces her Borikua heritage on her mother's side to the early migrations of Puerto Rican farmworkers and merchant marines to California and Hawaii -- where she still has family. She's never been to Boriken, but Ziannia is very proud of her Taino heritage.

Big John Astacio -- A fiercely proud Taino in Seneca Country